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Veils and Headpieces

Dori Anne Veils can customize your veil and headpiece not only to suit your individuality but to compliment your bridal gown. Our bridal veils can come in any length any number of tiers, any edge, with poufs and detachable blushers. Below are different style bridal veils that are available.

  • Plain edge veils
  • Lettuce edge veils
  • Pencil edge veils
  • Satin cord veils
  • Ribbon edge veils
  • Lace veils
  • Embroidered veils
  • Nylon edge veils
  • Pearl veils
  • Rhinestone veils
  • Veils with Motif
  • Veil blusher
  • Veil pouf
  • White veils
Bridal Veils
Wedding Veils

Dori Anne Veils can customize your veil and headpiece not only to suit your individuality but to compliment your bridal gown.

We also offers custom designer veils from some of the most prestigious bridal veil designers in the industry, including:

  • Toni Federici Elegant and creative, available in a variety of lengths and understated accents, to result in perfection.
  • Erica Koesler Exquistely designed and expertly crafted pieces of the highest quality to accent any gown.
  • Pronovias Bridal Veils Beatiful Spanish label, fashion conscious veils of quality material and meticulous detail.
  • Disney Fairy Tale Create your complete fantasty wedding with matching veils be a true Disney Princess from head-to-toe.
  • Richard Designs Find your perfect bridal veil, tiara and other accessories made just for you in the UK.
  • AA Bridal Veils A great product at an affordable price. Most styles available for immediate delivery.
  • Symphony Bridal Veils Contemprary styles for the ultimate in 'romantic' style down the aisle.
  • J.L.Johnson Bridals Handcrafted quallity and styles to make your wedding the most beautiful.
  • Veil Trends
  • Ansonia Bridal Veils

Veil Tips: If you have an elaborate gown it is best to choose a simple bridal veil and headpiece. If your gown has simple construction and embellishments, wearing a stunning bridal veil and headpiece can complete the look. Take advantage of the expertise of Dori Anne Veils. Contact Debra Today!


SHOULDER LENGTH BRIDAL VEIL: It ranges in length from 18" to 27", just coming to or passing the shoulders. Simple style sheath gowns look fabulous with this length of veil at the back of the head.

ELBOW LENGTH BRIDAL VEIL: Just a bit longer than the shoulder length veil. It measures anywhere from 28" to 36" in length and ends at or near the elbows. A perfect classic for when you want a more dramatic length of tulle at the back.

FINGERTIP LENGTH BRIDAL VEIL: This veil is meant to extend to your outstretched fingertips. It is usually 48 inches in length and can be single layer or doubled with a blusher front.

WALTZ LENGTH BRIDAL VEIL: Known as a "Walking Veil," the tulle should end between the calf of the leg and the ankle. The usual length is 54" to 60".

CHAPEL LENGTH BRIDAL VEIL: A Chapel length veil is meant to just barely skim the floor.

CATHEDRAL LENGTH BRIDAL VEIL: Cathedral Veils are meant for very formal weddings, and are so dramatic that they can be the focal point of attention over the dress. Many Brides choose to embellish a floor length dress with a Cathedral Veil to give the impression of a long train. A Cathedral Veil can extend for more than 5 yards if desired, but your best guide is to have the veil extend at least a foot beyond your gown's train.


The veil, common to Christian, Jewish, Moslem and Hindu brides, has a number of long standing traditions. According to an 1831 Godey's article, the veil begins back in ancient Greece in the city of Sparta, when Penelope denied her Father and moved away from the city with her husband, Ulysses. The veil of the Christian ceremonies is descended from the Romans, though the bridal veil is mentioned in Genesis and veiling was a custom in the East.

In ancient Rome the Vestal Virgins wore sacred veils symbolizing the constancy of their devotion to the Gods. The early Christians absorbed this Roman custom, requiring brides to wear their veils from the moment of their betrothal until the conclusion of the wedding. The veils of nuns likewise denoted the constancy of their consecration as "brides" of Christ.

Eastern cultures felt the veil protected brides from malicious spirits; from the "evil eye." Sometimes, though, as in Morocco and ancient India, the veil has been used to protect others from the bride! A more modern interpretation of this thoughtful custom was that the veil shielded the bride from enticing all unwanted suitors, therefore her shroud of secrecy maintained her purity from less than proper male glances. It also symbolized her protected purity, which was the honor of the family.

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